Add/ Remove Software Problem In Fedora or Redhat Linux

Friends, I wanted to share something with you. I have fedora 9 in my home system. I select its complete packages during Installation. But after installation I am unable to find the DHCP server package in it. I tries to install it from my Fedora Linux DVD. but I get some repomd.xml file is missing.
Repomd.xml file is nothing it is a repository file which is store in "/etc/yum.repos.d" directory, you are thinking what is its work, actually this directory is the collocations of some repository files
like fedora.rep, fedora-update.repo, livna.repo etc, these file is useful when you try to update or install software through Internet, every repo file have a specific function, if you open them then you see their is some Internet( ftp ) link. whenever you try the software through the command
#yum install { for example #yum install dhcp}
it connect through the Internet and start installing the package. Yum command help to install compile , remove and give its dependencies file needed for the packages and make it ready to use.
But if you are trying to use through the Linux DVD then it fails and give the error that repomd.xml file is not found
Nothing to worry friends now i find its solution and it is very easy , just follow some simple steps
  • first go to the /etc/yum.repo.d directory and open it by double click on the directory (remember i am telling you the graphical method of doing this, you can also use it through command line)
  • then make a repo file and name it cdrom.repo
  • copy the following content to that file (without the line space)
  • line after line and save it . after that open your terminal window and write the commands
  • [root@fedora ~]# mkdir /media/dvd-rom
    [root@fedora ~]#
    [root@fedora ~]# mount /dev/cdrom /media/dvd-rom/
  • remember insert Linux Installation DVD on the DVD rom before these commands
  • after that disable all other repository files (repo files ) only make enable cdrom.repo (Write #yum --disablerepo=> or just click on the repo and at the "enable=1" change it to "0" )
  • and save file then close it
  • Now click at "ADD/ REMOVE SOFTWARE" and click on any software package, try it to remove and install
  • Some time it not directly remove or install from add remove that time you just check which package you want to remove or install
  • then click on the DVD and click on packages and find the name of the package after that copy it and past it in any directory
  • open terminal window
  • and write command "#cd at which package is store for example ( cd /etc/home )
  • #rpm -ivh *.rpm
  • it automatically start installing . You can also do this to reach the DVD/package/ and write command " #rpm -ivh " and enjoy the packages. To install the software through Internet you have to disable the cdrom repo and enable all other repos like livina, fedora , fedora update etc (only change enable=0 to enable=1 )
For More details click at http://fedoraproject.org/ or http://fedoraforum.org/