Sify Broadband Internet in Linux

Sify is the one of popular broadband Internet company, it clam to be high speed Internet connectivity to the Clint, they are using different technique to provide Internet connectivity. To do so you have to download there connectivity Clint software which is free of cost but you have to do some settings in your windows PC for connectivity ( you have to add ip , subnet mask etc.). at windows level, it is very easy but you fails to do so at Linux, because at Linux nothing is install and run on one click.
But if you think it is very hard then you also not correct, it is easy if you can do it step wise.
Note:- I am telling you the procedure to install the sify Linux Clint on fedora Linux, you can done on other Linux too.
To install the sify Internet Clint on the Linux see the steps
  1. First you have to add static ip address on your Ethernet card to make basic connectivity with the sify server to do that click at System , Administration menu , Network or simply right "system-config-network" at the terminal window it will display the screen like this
  2. After that double click on eth0 and you got this type of screen
  3. Make some changes on it like first click on statically "set ip addresses" and enter the ip address which is given by the sify at the time of connection installation.
  4. please check the option "Activate device when computer start" so that it will update it after rebooting (remember Linux show effects after rebooting).
  5. after all these settings, reboot the system. After rebooting click on "Mozilla Firefox Browser" and write the site which is given by your sify isp to download the Clint software. for example "
  6. it will display a page of sify ftp on which you can download the Clint.
  7. Know click on the "GNU/Linux users click here to download the Sify Broadband client"
  8. it will display u other window on which you see two thing some ssl certification and a sifyclint.rpm(something like package) download it and copy/cut them and past it in any folder like in root, in home any folder.
  9. now open the terminal window in graphical login in Linux, go to that folder for example
  10. # cd \root
  11. now check that all the packages are on that folder or not by "dir" command or "ls -al" command. when you sure that all the packages are present on that folder write the command
  12. #rpm -ivh *.rpm
  13. remember one thing download the rpm packages because it easily install. it start installing after completing installation. write command
  14. #sifyconnect
  15. it will display a small dialogue box, asking username password,
  16. just type your password, username and enjoy the Internet


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Add/ Remove Software Problem In Fedora or Redhat Linux

Friends, I wanted to share something with you. I have fedora 9 in my home system. I select its complete packages during Installation. But after installation I am unable to find the DHCP server package in it. I tries to install it from my Fedora Linux DVD. but I get some repomd.xml file is missing.
Repomd.xml file is nothing it is a repository file which is store in "/etc/yum.repos.d" directory, you are thinking what is its work, actually this directory is the collocations of some repository files
like fedora.rep, fedora-update.repo, livna.repo etc, these file is useful when you try to update or install software through Internet, every repo file have a specific function, if you open them then you see their is some Internet( ftp ) link. whenever you try the software through the command
#yum install { for example #yum install dhcp}
it connect through the Internet and start installing the package. Yum command help to install compile , remove and give its dependencies file needed for the packages and make it ready to use.
But if you are trying to use through the Linux DVD then it fails and give the error that repomd.xml file is not found
Nothing to worry friends now i find its solution and it is very easy , just follow some simple steps
  • first go to the /etc/yum.repo.d directory and open it by double click on the directory (remember i am telling you the graphical method of doing this, you can also use it through command line)
  • then make a repo file and name it cdrom.repo
  • copy the following content to that file (without the line space)
  • line after line and save it . after that open your terminal window and write the commands
  • [root@fedora ~]# mkdir /media/dvd-rom
    [root@fedora ~]#
    [root@fedora ~]# mount /dev/cdrom /media/dvd-rom/
  • remember insert Linux Installation DVD on the DVD rom before these commands
  • after that disable all other repository files (repo files ) only make enable cdrom.repo (Write #yum --disablerepo=> or just click on the repo and at the "enable=1" change it to "0" )
  • and save file then close it
  • Now click at "ADD/ REMOVE SOFTWARE" and click on any software package, try it to remove and install
  • Some time it not directly remove or install from add remove that time you just check which package you want to remove or install
  • then click on the DVD and click on packages and find the name of the package after that copy it and past it in any directory
  • open terminal window
  • and write command "#cd at which package is store for example ( cd /etc/home )
  • #rpm -ivh *.rpm
  • it automatically start installing . You can also do this to reach the DVD/package/ and write command " #rpm -ivh " and enjoy the packages. To install the software through Internet you have to disable the cdrom repo and enable all other repos like livina, fedora , fedora update etc (only change enable=0 to enable=1 )
For More details click at http://fedoraproject.org/ or http://fedoraforum.org/


Recovering The Root Password

What to do, when we forget the password of root user in Linux , root is the administrator in linux, if any one forget its password then nothing to worry. Yes I am right you can easily recover it for that just follow the steps:-
  1. Boot the computer with Linux Installation CD.
  2. Enter into Linux Rescue mode by entering the command in boot screen" linux rescue" remember one thing many new Linux have a option at first booting screen for LINUX RESCUE command, and also don't forget that Linux is case sensitive. So try the command in lower case.
  3. When the "sh" prompt is reached, enter the following commands to change root password. after # "chroot /mnt/sysimage "
  4. after that "passwd" The above steps will prompt you to enter your new password.
  5. enter the new password and enjoy again the Linux OS


Enable and Disable the Internet Content Adviser in windows

Some time we think that we not allow people to open Internet through our PC. Also due to some Adult sites we tries to block the Internet sites to display, for our Children. But we are unable to do that.
Actually this is very easy task, their is an option in Windows which facilitate this task, and you can do this yourself. Just read the article this will help you to do that...
Follow the steps to unable the password, which prompt you before open any site at Internet:-
1) Go to Internet Explorer and click on "Tools" at File Menu, then click at "Internet Options".

2) Now click on "Content" tab, and at the 'CONTENT ADVISER' click at ”Enable/ Disable" button.
3) Now click at "General" tab and set the " SUPERVISOR PASSWORD" (actually, whenever any one tries to open the site at Internet explorer then it asks for the password).
4) Above the supervisor password click at the box "Supervisor can type password a password to allow users to view restricted content" ( box should be checked ).

5) Now click at the "Ratings" tab and adjust the level of restriction to "0" (most restricted) if it is 4(lest restricted).
5) Click at "OK" and now go to "Internet options" at "Tools" in file menu --- then at "Content" tab and click at "Enable Button" for Content Adviser, It asks Password, Supply the Password and click at "OK"

After this , whenever a person tries to open the Internet then a pop up box appear which ask the password to open it, you can Disable it, just click at disable button at content adviser .

Recovering the Forgotten password of Content Adviser
By chance you forget the Password of Content Adviser (Supervisor Password), Then...
Nothing to Worry just follow the steps to Retrieve it :
  1. Click at "START-- RUN" and write " Regedit"
  4. at policies click at "RATINGS" and at the right panel, find "KEY" and delete it .
  5. Now go to explorer and click at "TOOLS " --- "INTERNET OPTIONS"---"CONTENTS" and do the same steps as above to setup "supervisor password".


Recovering Grub Boot Loader

Just think you have 3 OS(operating systems ) in your computer (WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS SERVER and LINUX)
and you need to format or Need to repair your Windows XP or any other OS ...
I know you lost your all other two OS. ... Now it is very easy to recover ... just read these steps carefully... its quite easy any one can do this who know to install the windows or any OS

# first if you wanted to repair or Reinstall the XP then install it but don’t try to format other OS drive in which WINDOWS SERVER and LINUX installed.

# Then insert the Windows Server CD and restart the computer .. Make sure that the boot from CD\DVD option at the BIOS is on.

# After booting from CD it search the other windows and show the drives in which your XP and server installed but it not show Linux partition.

# After it don’t try to Install any thing just restart the Computer and see that u see all your xp and server chooses or not ... Mostly 98% it will show you again.

# After all its Linux turn... The recovery of Grub Boot loader is little bit hard but that not means you have to be expert for that .... just do these steps...

#Insert the Bootable Linux DVD or first CD of your Linux(any like fedora, red hat, SUSE , any)

# boot it from the Media after that it ask you to install & Upgrade the Existing Linux.., just click at Upgrade the existing

# It take little bit time and after that it show a screen in which it ask to make boot loader. Just think and select insert boot loader at MBR .. and click on ok

# It reinsert the Boot loader and after that it automatically restart the computer .. and you get your all three OS..

but remember one thing during this process.. u have to insert that Linux cd which Linux is already installed otherwise ... if it is latest one then it upgrade it or if it is older then may be it not work..


Drive not Open on Double Click to their Icon

I know some time you are not able to get hiden files and folder when you click on Tools - in file menu- in that folder option - show hide files and also when you click on any drives to open it ask to open with other programm. This is very common problem due to some virus. So to solve this you just follow some simple steps ....
1) click on Start -- Run - and write - Regedit.

2) then Click on HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE.

3) and then Software -- Microsoft -- Windows-- Current version--Explorer--Advanced--Folder---Hidden--SHOWALL.

4) duble click at checkvalue (at right side window) and change its value 0 or 2 to 1

5) now close it and click at Start-- Run-- Write Drive Name (like c:) and click on ok

6) click at Tools at File Menu--- then Folder Options-- then View, click at "Show Hidden files and folders" along with it also click (to uncheck) at its options "Hide extensions for known file types" and at "Hide protected operating system files"

7) and click on ok. Now find the file Autorun.INX or somthing like same name and delete it, Restart the system it will open the drive on duble click again