Recovering Grub Boot Loader

Just think you have 3 OS(operating systems ) in your computer (WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS SERVER and LINUX)
and you need to format or Need to repair your Windows XP or any other OS ...
I know you lost your all other two OS. ... Now it is very easy to recover ... just read these steps carefully... its quite easy any one can do this who know to install the windows or any OS

# first if you wanted to repair or Reinstall the XP then install it but don’t try to format other OS drive in which WINDOWS SERVER and LINUX installed.

# Then insert the Windows Server CD and restart the computer .. Make sure that the boot from CD\DVD option at the BIOS is on.

# After booting from CD it search the other windows and show the drives in which your XP and server installed but it not show Linux partition.

# After it don’t try to Install any thing just restart the Computer and see that u see all your xp and server chooses or not ... Mostly 98% it will show you again.

# After all its Linux turn... The recovery of Grub Boot loader is little bit hard but that not means you have to be expert for that .... just do these steps...

#Insert the Bootable Linux DVD or first CD of your Linux(any like fedora, red hat, SUSE , any)

# boot it from the Media after that it ask you to install & Upgrade the Existing Linux.., just click at Upgrade the existing

# It take little bit time and after that it show a screen in which it ask to make boot loader. Just think and select insert boot loader at MBR .. and click on ok

# It reinsert the Boot loader and after that it automatically restart the computer .. and you get your all three OS..

but remember one thing during this process.. u have to insert that Linux cd which Linux is already installed otherwise ... if it is latest one then it upgrade it or if it is older then may be it not work..