Enable and Disable the Internet Content Adviser in windows

Some time we think that we not allow people to open Internet through our PC. Also due to some Adult sites we tries to block the Internet sites to display, for our Children. But we are unable to do that.
Actually this is very easy task, their is an option in Windows which facilitate this task, and you can do this yourself. Just read the article this will help you to do that...
Follow the steps to unable the password, which prompt you before open any site at Internet:-
1) Go to Internet Explorer and click on "Tools" at File Menu, then click at "Internet Options".

2) Now click on "Content" tab, and at the 'CONTENT ADVISER' click at ”Enable/ Disable" button.
3) Now click at "General" tab and set the " SUPERVISOR PASSWORD" (actually, whenever any one tries to open the site at Internet explorer then it asks for the password).
4) Above the supervisor password click at the box "Supervisor can type password a password to allow users to view restricted content" ( box should be checked ).

5) Now click at the "Ratings" tab and adjust the level of restriction to "0" (most restricted) if it is 4(lest restricted).
5) Click at "OK" and now go to "Internet options" at "Tools" in file menu --- then at "Content" tab and click at "Enable Button" for Content Adviser, It asks Password, Supply the Password and click at "OK"

After this , whenever a person tries to open the Internet then a pop up box appear which ask the password to open it, you can Disable it, just click at disable button at content adviser .

Recovering the Forgotten password of Content Adviser
By chance you forget the Password of Content Adviser (Supervisor Password), Then...
Nothing to Worry just follow the steps to Retrieve it :
  1. Click at "START-- RUN" and write " Regedit"
  4. at policies click at "RATINGS" and at the right panel, find "KEY" and delete it .
  5. Now go to explorer and click at "TOOLS " --- "INTERNET OPTIONS"---"CONTENTS" and do the same steps as above to setup "supervisor password".