Sify Broadband Internet in Linux

Sify is the one of popular broadband Internet company, it clam to be high speed Internet connectivity to the Clint, they are using different technique to provide Internet connectivity. To do so you have to download there connectivity Clint software which is free of cost but you have to do some settings in your windows PC for connectivity ( you have to add ip , subnet mask etc.). at windows level, it is very easy but you fails to do so at Linux, because at Linux nothing is install and run on one click.
But if you think it is very hard then you also not correct, it is easy if you can do it step wise.
Note:- I am telling you the procedure to install the sify Linux Clint on fedora Linux, you can done on other Linux too.
To install the sify Internet Clint on the Linux see the steps
  1. First you have to add static ip address on your Ethernet card to make basic connectivity with the sify server to do that click at System , Administration menu , Network or simply right "system-config-network" at the terminal window it will display the screen like this
  2. After that double click on eth0 and you got this type of screen
  3. Make some changes on it like first click on statically "set ip addresses" and enter the ip address which is given by the sify at the time of connection installation.
  4. please check the option "Activate device when computer start" so that it will update it after rebooting (remember Linux show effects after rebooting).
  5. after all these settings, reboot the system. After rebooting click on "Mozilla Firefox Browser" and write the site which is given by your sify isp to download the Clint software. for example "
  6. it will display a page of sify ftp on which you can download the Clint.
  7. Know click on the "GNU/Linux users click here to download the Sify Broadband client"
  8. it will display u other window on which you see two thing some ssl certification and a sifyclint.rpm(something like package) download it and copy/cut them and past it in any folder like in root, in home any folder.
  9. now open the terminal window in graphical login in Linux, go to that folder for example
  10. # cd \root
  11. now check that all the packages are on that folder or not by "dir" command or "ls -al" command. when you sure that all the packages are present on that folder write the command
  12. #rpm -ivh *.rpm
  13. remember one thing download the rpm packages because it easily install. it start installing after completing installation. write command
  14. #sifyconnect
  15. it will display a small dialogue box, asking username password,
  16. just type your password, username and enjoy the Internet