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Hi, friends as we know India is launching the 3G Technology.. May be from the next year we start talking with 3G phones on 3G style . But what is 3G, this question come in your mind when you start using the Technology, well 3G is third Generation Technology.. thru this you can watch online Movies without buffer, play high resolution game, download Movies with high speed Wireless Internet, you can chat with video, you can send big files in few minutes, you can say enjoy every thing through your 6- 7 inch Mobil phone.. Well it is not a dream. This will come to true in some month or you can say some days.
Well after reading my above lines you are eager to know about this Technology, so after a long study I made a Word Document in which i mention some of keys, terms, and Explanation of this Technology

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Please Note it :- all the information i get on this Article thru Internet and many company sites.