Resizing Preloaded Operating System

Laptops are more common machine these days, people spent huge amount to buy their desire dream machine. But most of the company sale their product with preloaded Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista, SUSE, Ubantu etc) and consume almost all the hard disk space on it, with no extra drive for the backup of their important data on his/her machine. That means if your OS corrupt everything on it will lost (your documents, files, images, video etc). They provide recovery drive, but that will only provide your operating system back not your whole data. One more problem I want to highlight, if you have Windows Vista or any Linux Version installed in your laptop then you are not able to install Windows over Linux and Windows XP on Windows Vista and not even duel boot them together then what to do to solve it.

Well every problem has a solution but to do it you have to search for it, but some time you have to pay for that, don't be surprise I am not saying to pay me, I am just saying those tools require money.. here I will explain how to RESIZE THE PRELOADED OPERATING SYSTEM DRIVE with Gnome Partition Editor(gparted) its a freeware tool, so don't worry for its payment.

To use it follow the steps:-

1. Download the GParted (Genome Partition Editor) Live cd.

2. Then Burn it with Nero or any ISO burner software on a blank disk.
3. Boot the GParted CD
5.Select the basic settings like keyboard, language etc.

6. After it it show you your hard disk partition

7. Select your partition which you want to resize, right click on it and choose resize.
8. Enter the space you require or can pulls it to decrise the size

9. click on apply

10. Now some unlocated space is created, just select it to make new partion and right click on, click on NEW tab

11. Format it with any desire partition table NTFS, FAT, ext2, ext3.. etc

12. Click apply it take some time to complete the process..

13.Then shutdown it and use as usual your window new partion start showing on you mycomputer (in Windows) and new partition on desktop( in Linux).